Looking for somewhere to continue your professional Dance or Musical Theatre training?

The first Audition date for our 3 Year Dance and Musical Theatre courses is just around the corner on Wednesday 6th November, giving you plenty of time to try out and consider your options ahead of your final study and exams period.

We asked some of our R/A Faculty for some tips on how to prepare for an audition to study at Renaissance Arts?:

(Luke Fredericks, West End Director & Musical Theatre faculty) ‘I love creativity and performers who are willing to take risks and try something different.’

(R/A Director & Dance faculty Stillie Dee) ‘In the lead up, get yourself as physically fit and strong as possible, this will give you an edge and help you arrive confident in your ability. Take as many technical classes as you can and follow your teacher’s guidance. Be well rehearsed in any solos you’ll be delivering on the day.’

(Sammy Murray Brown, Choreographer and Movement Director for Theatre, TV and Film) ‘Always keep working to your personal best, keep up classes, go the extra mile.’

(R/A Director and Musical Director Neill Rigg) ‘Make sure music is cut and prepared accordingly. Often 16-32 bars is required. Bring two contrasting genres, an uptempo and a Ballard, to show your diversity.’

And any further advice for Audition day?

Luke Fredericks, West End Director & Musical Theatre faculty) ‘Commit to what you are doing and show grit and determination.’

(R/A Director Stillie Dee) ‘When delivering your performance, be passionate and show a love for what you do. Try to enjoy the experience so that you can let your personality and your uniqueness shine through.’

(R/A Director and Musical Director Neill Rigg) ‘Have sheet music clearly marked, e.g. where to start and stop and knowing what tempo to direct the pianist with. Understanding the story and character behind what you’re performing will male for a more engaging Audition.’

(R/A Director and Ballet faculty Martin Howland) Embrace nerves, don’t let them overwhelm you. Commit 100%. Take risks. Laugh if something goes wrong, don’t take yourself too seriously! Work the notes given in the Audition class and don’t be afraid to ask questions.’

APPLY NOW to Audition on Wednesday 6th November 2019 http://renaissancearts.co.uk/apply/

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