3rd Year Blog/Sophie O’Connell/A week at Renaissance Arts

Another amazing week down at RA and a few more steps on the road to graduation!

This has been a challenging yet rewarding week. We have focused on strength &  stability in ballet which, in return, is helping get those legs higher and lines longer!

We have worked on control & adage transfering these skills into pirouette combinations.  In technical jazz we have been working through quad & glute strengthening, developpe and fondu.  I know this is increasing my strength, technique, physique and improving every genre of my dance.

At the beginning of the week the Year 2 and 3 and some graduates had the opportunity to audition for Sammy Murray, a brilliant choreographer who is currently working on Victoria for ITV. It was a great experience to audition on pointe and get that little bit closer to ‘the real world’.  “Congratulations to the successful girls- you looked beautiful!!!”

We have been working towards our mid year vocal assessments, continuing on acting through song in our new duets and trios. Working through script from ‘Spring Awakening’ with the brilliant Director Luke Fredericks, trying to make choices that are not the obvious when delivering.

Also work on current Broadway Musical “Something Rotten!”  accessing our inner Elizabethans!’  This hilarious piece was re-created by our own directors. We have really tried to push our character work to the extremes, working on harmonies and the meaning of the lyrics was challenging and fun.

To end the week we began our new Fosse project, adding to our dance repertoire for this we had to be specific to the style, a very high energy number to perform .

Loved this work from such iconic choreographers! This helps enrich our repertoire of dance and knowledge of shows that will never go out of fashion!


To find out what events are coming up at Renaissance Arts CLICK HERE

Thanks again for more inspiring classes RA! Bring on next week!!!  Sophie O’Connell