Renaissance Arts offer competitive fees for their three year courses.  These fees vary depending on whether a student wishes to include a BTEC in their training, how old the student is and if they have been awarded any scholarships.

Renaissance Arts are authorised and regulated by The Financial Regulation Authority.  It is the intention of Renaissance Arts Financial to offer payment plans suited to the individual.

Your fees can be calculated by answering a couple of easy questions.


Question 1

If you haven’t already studied a BTEC level 3 extended diploma you can include this in your training at R/A.  Studying a BTEC with R/A is optional however, those studying this qualification can receive funding.  Should a student prefer not to take the BTEC in their course they will opt for a more vocational training.

Do you want to include a BTEC qualification in your three years training at Renaissance Arts?

Please note all fee prices are intended as an approximate guide.  Final agreements may differ slightly.