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Our enrolment and selective intake policies ensure all students receive an intensive and individual training program. This creates the optimum environment for performers to achieve their full potential .

By providing exceptional teaching from leading industry experts with real industry experience students develop artistically and intellectually within a creative environment. Providing the platform and equipping each and every student with the ability to develop a long and varied career in their chosen field.


Renaissance Arts are Accredited by B.D.Q.T. Strict criteria must be adhered to in order to become accredited and on-going comparability studies and compliance ensures that standards are upheld.

Accreditation is conducted by an independent panel of dance professionals and ex-inspectors from H.M. Inspectorate for Education. Accredited colleges have undergone rigorous inspection to ensure they meet regulations and high quality standards.


To passionately train talented and aspiring performers to embark on a successful and fulfilling life in the arts.

We aim to inspire confidence and a professional work ethic leading by example, demonstrating commitment and trust.

 Our vocational learning program also recognises the need for academic structure, alongside the value in guiding students to make their own informed choices and decisions.

  • Industry Lectures