About R/A

Renaissance Arts is a cutting-edge premier UK college based in Leeds, providing unique first class training in ‘Performing Arts’ education.

We offer an exciting opportunity for young people with outstanding talent and high aspirations to learn and gain vital experience in order to help them achieve a long and distinguished career in their specific field of choice.

Our faculty of leading specialists from the stage, theatre, television and music industry, as well as inspirational guest lecturers, provide an unrivalled calibre of training and experience. We believe that by developing each of our student’s skill sets to their full potential we will give them versatility and confidence for any performance


We researched long and hard to find the best possible LOCATION for our college and its students. A central U.K. location, excellent facilities, nearby affordable accommodation and excellent travel routes were high on the agenda.

With this in mind we selected Northern Ballet and Yorkshire Dance, which are situated in the heart of the cultural quarter in Quarry Hill, Leeds. Our 3-Year Full time course, “Scholars” & “Open Masterclass” courses are therefore based in both these locations.

We feel that our students will gain the maximum benefit from these 2 venues and the variety of facilities they offer. They’re also only a few minutes’ walk from each other and our head office.


Our enrolment and smaller in take policy means that our students receive a unique and individual program.

By providing practical teaching by leading industry specialists with real industry experience we will develop our students and guide their progress whilst giving them discipline in their work ethics.

We aim to inspire professional confidence by leading by example and demonstrating commitment and loyalty to work and performance.

R.A will always encourage applications from a diverse range of backgrounds and endeavours to help them where possible gain funding or grants

We welcome students from all over the U.K, Europe and the rest of the world to audition regardless of race, gender, age, previous training or disability provided that they show potential for the courses offered.

We support arts council buildings and companies.


To passionately and expertly train performing arts students in order to equip them with the skills needed to gain professional employment in their chosen field.

Focus on the talents and aspirations of young performers by providing unique practical teaching experiences delivered by industry experts.

To provide a vocational learning program whilst also recognizing the need for academic structure, whilst guiding students to make their own informed choices and decisions.

Inspire and support young professionals in forming positive and realistic expectations about their lives and career choices in the performance industry.

To raise every students standards of achievement in each specialist subject through an increasing quality of teaching and learning.

To provide the best facilities and environment for performing arts students in the U.K

Respect and value our faculty and all our various associates as being our most valuable asset and resource.



Renaissance Arts is accredited by B.D.Q.T

Strict criteria must be adhered to in order to become an accredited to an Awarding Body and on-going comparability studies and compliance ensures that standards are upheld.

Accreditation is conducted by an independent panel of dance professionals and ex-inspectors from H.M. Inspectorate for Education.

All Accredited colleges will have undergone rigorous inspection to ensure they are:

  • Financially stable
  • Offer a high-quality curriculum
  • Employing fully qualified staff
  • Maintaining health & safety policies
  • Operating legally within premises suitable for the training offered


Renaissance Arts is a partnership between Stillie DeeMartin Howland and Neil Rigg.

The Partners are all hands on teachers, coordinators, managers as well as Directors. Each partner is responsible for the company’s teaching strategy, business strategy and the general operation of the college.

The Partners have delegated various aspects of the business between themselves and hold regular meetings to ensure the smooth operation of the college day to day and its financial success.

R.A values its relationships with all the teachers, schools, examiners, charity organizations, companies and associated bodies it works with.

R.A is an exciting forward thinking enterprise always looking at new and diverse strategies. Through its corporate collaboration the college has become the only one of its kind in Europe.

The selection of dance studios, theatres and theatrical agencies, examining bodies, dance companies, photographers, costume designers, make-up artists, hair stylists and other companies involved with performing arts massively contribute to our unique identity.

The Partners are willing to engage with any external companies who may mutually benefit by being in association with R.A or its subsidiary companies and welcomes any suitable business propositions.

If your company would like to discuss an association with us please visit our CONTACT page.


The escalating fees of Universities are not reflected within our strategy at Renaissance Arts. We are a private college and our ethos is to welcome students from all backgrounds and cultures.  Students are also fully-recognised as ‘NUS’ cardholders, providing students with great discounts both locally and nationwide.

Total per annum £7,303.00