Naomi Waterworth • 3rd Year Blog • A week at Renaissance Arts

Naomi Waterworth


This week at college has been both rewarding and physically challenging. In jazz after warm up we have been targeting strength and stamina in order to boost our power and performance.

We have been intensively training with our Renaissance fitness coach David Hudson and his team, building on our fitness and strength. This includes all forms of crossfit, tabata and core stability. The team will be assessing our individual performance and tracking our progress at college as we train with the team on Monday and Wednesdays.

We have also begun work on our mid year assessment pieces in both in Musical Theatre and also Ballet.

On Tuesday, for student social the whole of the college went to Outlaws in the city centre and we had a quiz night. 2nd and 3rd place was settled by a plank off which after a full day of training was challenging but entertaining.



 I thoroughly enjoyed evening jazz this week as we were connecting with our emotions and interpreting this through our dance. This was challenging as we had to improvise and each step we made had to have a meaning.




I am look forward to Mr Fredericks coming in next week to carry on our script work which really gets you thinking as well as working on vocal harmonies with Mr Rigg. As a 3rd year I am excited about the upcoming Graduate show and working at the theatre. Our show this year will be held at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre Leeds city centre and as usual promises to be a diverse show of musical theatre and dance.  Tickets are now on sale from the Northern Ballet Website, follow the link below to book your tickets early as shows are likely to be sold out.