Have a question about Renaissance Arts?

Below are a few of our frequently asked questions about the college and our courses. If there’s still a burning question, please email the college and we’d be happy to help with any enquiries. if you would  prefer to speak to someone in person just call us!

3   Y E A R   V O C A T I O N A L   C O U R S E

I want a course more focussed on Musical Theatre/I want a course more focussed on Dance.

R/A offer courses in both dance and/or Musical Theatre. The 1st year of the course is designed to identify student’s specific skill-sets during training.  Renaissance Arts Students are required to attend all types of classes in Musical Theatre in the first year.

What subjects will I study on the 3-year Musical Theatre Course?

Acting, Vocal technique, Voice & Speech, Musical Theatre Repertoire, Improvisation, Audition Technique, Script work, Classical Ballet, Technical Jazz, Musical Theatre Dance Workshops, Commercial, Contemporary, Pas de deux, Rhythm & Broadway Tap, Pointe-work, Contextual Studies, Music Theory & Choreography.

Additional Studies:

Personal Training, Fitness & Conditioning, Sports Science, Nutrition, Industry Preparation, Industry Workshops, Image & Skincare, Equity Workshops, Portfolio Advice & Guidance

What subjects will I study on the 3-year Dance Course?

Classical Ballet, Technical Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre Dance, Commercial, Pas de deux, Rhythm & Broadway Tap, Pointe-work, Acting through Dance, Improvisation, Audition Technique, Repertoire & Contextual Studies, Choreography, IDTA Associate Teaching Qualifications, Anatomy Diploma, Music Theory & Ensemble Vocal Technique.

Additional Studies:

Personal Training, Fitness & Conditioning, Sports Science, Nutrition, Industry Preparation, Industry Workshops, Image & Skincare, Equity Workshops, Portfolio Advice & Guidance

I would really like to graduate with a teaching qualification, is this possible?

Should any attending student wish to complete a professional teaching qualification they must complete 2 years of Vocational training with R.A and take Intermediate Modern-Jazz/Ballet Dance examination with the I.D.T.A

Is the course heavily based on traditional syllabus work? If so how many exams would I take?

During the 1st year students will be challenged in all the core subjects to receive the necessary basic foundations for a long and healthy career. Syllabus work is an option once students have the necessary skills to complete the ‘Free’ classes taught at R.A, which are of a much higher technical demand and standard than the set work provided by the dance & musical associations.

What qualifications will I receive upon completion of the 3 year vocational course?

Renaissance Arts are primarily a vocational based college preparing performers for the industry.

R/A offers upto  Grade 8 ABRSM vocal and West London College of musical examinations, intermediate and advanced dance examinations I.D.T.A and also  an Associate Professional Teaching Qualification in Modern Jazz or Ballet.

At the end of training students will receive a certificate of completion of the course but more importantly be ready for the industry.

Do the students have performance opportunities during the course?

Yes. Graduate work will be showcased at the end of the 3rd year for industry professionals, choreographers, agents and casting directors.

At the end of each academic year all students perform in Renaissance Arts Production show. Additional public and in-house performance opportunities are spread across the academic year.

Do you help college graduates in finding work and agents?

We have an extensive pool of agents, source management and our own Faculty are all professionals currently choreographing and directing within the industry and are more than happy to book or guide students upon graduation.

Most of the traditional London colleges operate over 5 days and also charge a lot. How therefore can you offer better training over only 4 days and at over half the price?

Each course runs for 38 weeks a year. Our students train for 32 hours in advanced, fully practical classes over 4 days taken by the very best faculty of professionals in the UK.  We don’t have unnecessary long breaks between classes, avoid free-periods, don’t hold any meaningless lectures so therefore utilise time to the fullest.

Do you take students on college trips to watch performances?

At least once a term we take the students to watch professional dance and musical theatre productions at Leeds Grand Theatre or Alhambra Theatre. Recent visits have included Sister Act, Hairspray, Phantom of the Opera, Blood Brothers, Northern Ballet, Wicked, West Side Story etc…

I’ve heard that performers need a degree if they are to be successful in gaining professional work.

Quite simply, to be successful in getting work performers have to be the very best person at an audition with the skills and abilities the panel are looking for. How you perform and behave during an audition or through the casting process will derive from how hard you have worked in your training. Qualifications are important and prove you have applied yourself in order to gain the skills, but are normally of no consequence when auditioning.

Do students have work experience/audition oportunities during the course

During the 3rd year of training students will be eligible to attend select auditions and castings for performance opportunities with ITV, BBC, Corporate trade/Fashion shows, Modelling Campaigns, Music Videos, no.1 UK Pantomimes.

Is there a theoretical element to the course?

As with any educational process, theory has a vital part to play in broadening understanding and aiding learning. Students take music theory, learn about anatomy, physiology and injury management, nutrition and personal finance management. Students are always encouraged to spend time researching, rehearsing and studying in their own time as part of the course.

What real-life experience can your teachers provide for the students?

All of the R.A faculty are currently active within the industry, either as a performer, choreographer or as a director. All of the faculty are experts within their chosen fields, providing detailed knowledge and hands on experience of real working practices vital into today’s fast paced and multi facetted performance arts industry.

If you are from a low income family how would you even afford to pay the 1st years fees?

Our fees are lower than most colleges for this reason. We don’t want talented performers to suffer because of financial circumstances alone so we help with financial coaching and assist where we can. Currently no other college in the U.K that offers the kind of professional training we provide for such reasonable fees.

Could I receive funding to assist in payment of the course?

Students can apply for a ‘Professional Career Development Loan’ for years 2 & 3. Please see our loans and finance section here for more details.

Do you offer scholarships or part-scholarships?

Private sponsors offer full or half scholarships for students who show exceptional talent. Each year R.A work tirelessly towards the assistance of student finances by sourcing new investors. Please see our loans and finance section here for more details.


What age group is it aimed at?

There is no specific age range though due to the advanced nature of all classes we teach at R.A we do recommend that attendee’s be mature enough to deal with free-classes and multiple combinations/routines being taught throughout the day. Students therefore tend to be around 12-13yrs and upwards.

What types of classes are taught throughout the day?

The day will always contain a Ballet class, a technical Jazz class and a Vocal lesson taught by the Directors of R.A, Martin Howland, Stillie Dee & Neil Rigg. The remainder of the day is opened up to the ‘Industry Guest Lecturer’.

The “Scholars” runs every other Sunday and is for 11-18 year olds.

What do the guest lecturers feature?

On each Masterclass R.A invites an industry professional who is actually working to share their experiences with us. They might be a performer, choreographer or a director who will teach methods, routines or choreography from their particular area of expertise.

Do you have to audition and how do you apply?

No, that’s why it’s an “Open” Masterclass.

So what type of shows have these guest lecturers worked in/on?

We have had cast members from Cats, Sister Act, Hairspray, Legally Blond, Phantom of the Opera, Footloose, Never Forget, Chorus Line & Top Hat. Several of the U.K’s top commercial   choreographers have also lectured at our Open Masterclass as well as several elite contemporary dancer/choreographers. We have also been fortunate to have performers from Mathew Bourne’s ‘Adventures in Motion Pictures’ lecture.

How do I book my place?

To book onto the next “Open Masterclass” is easy just click here. Once you have received payment confirmation you will be emailed your schedule and further information for the day.

What should I wear for the day?

Please dress appropriately for ballet, jazz, contemporary and musical theatre. Fitted dance wear is preferable. Trainers or jazz shoes can be worn for the commercial lesson. Please dress in smart-casual attire for the vocal lesson.


What exactly is The “Scholars” course?

The “Scholars” is a specially devised programme for talented young performers who are looking for advanced technical dance classes to compliment their existing dance training.

When and how often does The “Scholars” run and what age-group is it for?

The “Scholars” runs every other Sunday and is for 11-18 year olds.  Click here for dates

Where do The “Scholars” classes take place?

At Northern Ballet and Northern Ballet in Leeds just a short walk from our buildings.

Do you have to audition and how do you apply?

All students must make an online application and audition to become a “Scholar”. Auditions are FEE FREE on selected dates only. The auditions focus on classical ballet, as all attending scholars must excel in the technical areas of dance.

What is the standard like?

All of the classes are of an advanced level and taken by Martin Howland & Stillie Dee who are the Directors of R.A. Vocal sessions are also taken by the Musical Director Neil Rigg. As working professionals they know the standards that are expected within the industry and seek out the very best talent.

I saw ‘Scholars Industry Day’ advertised, what’s that?

Once a term we hold an Open Day for “The Scholars”. The whole Faculty joins the classes and we invite special leading directors/artists/performers from commercial, musical and contemporary backgrounds to share their knowledge and experience with our students.

What if occasionally the Sundays clash with festivals, performances that we have booked or would like to attend etc...?

We are fully aware of how busy young performers are. We simply need email notification 28 days prior to “The Scholars” date that could not be attended.

How much are the fees and when do we pay them?

If I missed any dates throughout the term would I still have to pay?

The “Scholars” program needs commitment for performers to get the best from it and we stipulate therefore that all fees are paid for at the beginning of term for all dates. Only in exceptional circumstances is this rule ever revised.

What would we wear to a class?

There is no strict dress code. However all dance-wear must be properly fitted and we ask that all “Scholars” look presentable for all of the classes.

What would we wear to a class?

There is no strict dress code. However all dance-wear must be properly fitted and we ask that all “Scholars” look presentable for all of the classes.

What is the timetable for the day?

Have any “Scholars” gone on to train on the 3 year course at R.A?

Yes, we currently have 10 “Scholars” training with R.A and even more due to start training in August 2014.