Renaissance Arts 3 year course provides challenges to the mind, body and soul for students to achieve their ultimate goals and ambitions, with each year geared towards each student fulfilling their maximum potential.

Practical Studies

Intensive practical training in the following core subjects:

Vocal Technique • Acting • Accent & Articulation • Acting Through Song • Ballet • Technical Jazz • Contemporary • Commercial • Tap • Pas De Deux • Vocal Harmony • Repertoire

Contextual Studies

Supporting a rigorous practical physical training program students utilise the following studies increasing understanding and personal development:

Music Theory • Music Theatre History • Anatomy and Physiology 

Performance Support

Health and Nutrition • Body Conditioning and Fitness • Injury prevention and Rehabilitation 

Vocal Tution by Caroline Hurst

Jo Estill’s voice model has revolutionised the way voice users across the world teach and learn singing, and research continues to advance this scientific understanding. Vocal pedagogy is also evolving with research; becoming increasingly responsive to individual learning needs and styles. This evidence-based underpinning of our singing curriculum gives our students effective, individualised strategies for singing in a wide variety of styles and voice qualities, whilst improving vocal health, stamina, range and flexibility. Through workshops and one-to-one tuition, our students learn how their voice works and how to problem-solve for themselves. This equips them with life-long learning skills with which to meet the ever changing demands of the musical theatre industry.

Greater vocal freedom unlocks our students’ ability to more fully explore and express their artistry…