Renaissance Arts is a partnership between Stillie DeeMartin Howland and Neil Rigg. Our partners are all hands on teachers, coordinators, managers as well as Directors. Each partner is responsible for the company’s teaching strategy, business strategy and the general operation of the college.

Renaissance Arts values its relationships with all the teachers, schools, examiners, charity organisations, companies and associated bodies it works with. R.A is an exciting forward thinking enterprise always looking at new and diverse strategies.

Through its corporate collaboration the college has become the only one of its kind in Europe. The selection of dance studios, theatres and theatrical agencies, examining bodies, dance companies, photographers, costume designers, make-up artists, hair stylists and other companies involved with performing arts massively contribute to our unique identity.

The Partners are willing to engage with any external companies who may mutually benefit by being in association with R.A or its subsidiary companies and welcomes any suitable business propositions. If your company would like to discuss an association with us please visit our Contact page.



Renaissance Arts Performing Arts College believes that education is for all students accepted after audition & every student is equally important.


We offer training for those Age 16 – 30 as the type of training we provide has been carefully tailored to suit this age type.  This is not an act of discrimination to those outside of this age limit but more a restriction determined by the type of training we offer.  It would be unfair of Renaissance Arts to impose training on those outside of this age limit as this may cause harm.  Renaissance Arts do offer a Scholars programme for those aged 11 -16 and are working on offering over 30s training however, are unable to do so at this point in time.

We will strive to:

(i) offer access to a full and challenging curriculum to suit each individual.

(ii) encourage an understanding of all cultures;

(iii) view discrimination on the grounds of race, gender or disability as opposed to its aims and take positive action to counter it.


The requirements for equal opportunities are underpinned by law. Colleges are bound by many of the provisions of human rights legislation & the policies of the Leeds City Council.  We aim to abide by the requirements set out by BDQT our accreditor.


Mr NEIL RIGG Renaissance Arts Director

is responsible for:-

• making sure that the appropriate measures are adopted to enable the college to comply with legal requirements;

• monitoring the effective application of the Equal Opportunities Policy and procedures to ensure compliance.

Directors Martin Howland, Stillie Dee & Neil Rigg

responsible for:-

•making sure that the Equal Opportunities Policy and its procedures are followed;

• making sure that the E.O.P is readily available and that self employed faculty/ guest faculty know their responsibilities and are aware of our code of conduct.

• ensuring parents know their responsibilities in scenarios where a student is under 18.

• providing information to staff about the policy and how it should be applied within the college.

• taking appropriate action in cases of discrimination;

• ensuring students are provided with a broad and balanced vocational based learning which meets the needs of the individual (but not at the expense of other students)

• providing the measures necessary to achieve the aims of the policy.

• providing a visual contact sheet of all students and faculty to staff.

All Staff, Faculty, Guest Teachers, Guests in a seniority role at the college.

Are responsible for:-

• ensuring that students’ names are spelt correctly and pronounced properly;

• ensuring that they are familiar with information available on all students in their teaching groups;

• ensuring that they meet the needs of all students in their lessons;

• not showing any form of racial or discrimination abuse or ignoring any such behaviour from others (including name-calling, racial, sexist or other hurtful jokes and mimicry, or incitement of others to collaborate in use);

• ensuring that perpetrators and victims of above are aware that it will not be tolerated;

• giving a balanced view of different groups, cultures and stereotypes;

• providing a positive role model for all students;

• keeping up to date with legal requirements.


All students are responsible for:-

• identifying and reporting incidents of discrimination and stereotyping;

• promoting equal opportunities and avoiding discrimination against anyone for reasons of gender, race, colour or any other reason.

Appendix 1

Human Rights Act 1998

Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (extended and amended 1986) outlaws discrimination on grounds of gender.

Race Relations Act 1976 outlaws discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality or ethnic and national origins.

Race Relations Amendment Act 2000 states even more explicitly that responsibility that all schools have to eliminate unlawful racial discrimination and to promote equality of opportunity. The Disability Discrimination Act 1993 outlaws discrimination in the provision of goods and services against those with disabilities.

Safe Working Practices

Renaissance Arts has developed procedures for Codes of Conduct for staff to understand and agree in relation to professional conduct with students.

Health and Safety and risk assessments are carried out by studios at Yorkshire Dance, Northern Ballet and Renaissance Head Office (The Music Study).

Renaissance Arts has fully operational Health and Safety Policy and Procedures.  Faculty and students should report any issue with safe working practice to the Directors who will then report this to the relevant studio.

Record Keeping

All safeguarding records are kept centrally and securely by the Directors.  Staff are aware that they must report all safeguarding issues to the directors.  Data is kept in accordance to the most recent data protection act.  A copy will be made available on request.

Allegations against Members of Staff

Renaissance Arts recognises that when allegations are made regarding behaviour by Staff/Director which may harm a student, clear procedure must be followed.  Bodies must e-mail their complaint in writing and follow our complaints procedure.

Allegations against students

Renaissance Arts recognises that when allegations are made regarding behaviour of a student which may harm a faculty member or Director, clear procedure must be followed.  Faculty must bring this to the attention of the directors and may be required to make a formal complaint in writing or e-mail.


To ensure the smooth operation of the college, to uphold law and procedures required by it’s faculty incidents of the following nature must be recorded and kept but the directors.

 Renaissance Arts 

CODE OF CONDUCT (customer service)

All Renaissance Arts teachers are required to follow our code of conduct.  Each teacher is CRB checked and agree to the following terms.

  1. Professional Values and Relationships

Teachers should:

1.1. be caring, fair and committed to the best interests of the pupils/students entrusted to their care, and seek to motivate, inspire and celebrate effort and success

1.2. acknowledge and respect the uniqueness, individuality and specific needs of pupils/ students and promote their holistic development

1.3. be committed to equality and inclusion and to respecting and accommodating diversity including those differences arising from gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race, ethnicity, membership of the Traveller community and socio-economic status, and any further grounds as may be referenced in equality legislation in the future.

1.4. seek to develop positive relationships with pupils/students, colleagues, college management and others in the college community, that are characterised by professional integrity and judgement

1.5. work to establish and maintain a culture of mutual trust and respect in their schools.

2. Professional Integrity

Teachers should:

2.1. act with honesty and integrity in all aspects of their work

2.2. respect the privacy of others and the confidentiality of information gained in the course of professional practice, unless a legal imperative requires disclosure or there is

a legitimate concern for the wellbeing of an individual

2.3. represent themselves, their professional status, qualifications and experience honestly

2.4. avoid conflict between their professional work and private interests which could reasonably be deemed to impact negatively on pupils/students.

3. Professional Conduct

Teachers should:

3.1. uphold the reputation and standing of the profession and the reputation of Renaissance Arts.

3.2. take all reasonable steps in relation to the care of pupils/students under their supervision, so as to ensure their safety and welfare

3.3. work within the framework of relevant legislation and regulations

3.4. comply with agreed national and school policies, procedures and guidelines which aim to promote pupil/student education and welfare and child protection

3.5. report, where appropriate, incidents or matters which impact on pupil/student welfare

3.6. communicate effectively with pupils/students, colleagues, parents, college management and others in the college community in a manner that is professional, collaborative and supportive, and based on trust and respect

3.7. Private communication such as e-mail, texting and social networking sites is not permitted to ensure protection of both teacher and student. Teacher and student must not share or keep personal contact details or have any un-authorised correspondence whilst enrolled as a student at Renaissance Arts.

3.8. Ensure that they do not knowingly access, download or otherwise have in their possession while engaged in school activities, inappropriate materials/images in electronic or other format

3.9. Ensure that they do not knowingly access, download or otherwise have in their possession, illicit materials/images in electronic or other format

3.10 Ensure that they do not practise while under the influence of any substance which impairs their fitness to teach.

3.11 Student contact is often required in dance and theatre class in order demonstrate line and correct positioning.  Faculty should be mindful of letting students know about this contact.

4. Professional Practice

Teachers should:

4.1. maintain high standards of practice in relation to pupil/student learning, planning, monitoring, assessing, reporting and providing feedback

4.2. apply their knowledge and experience in facilitating pupils’/students’ holistic development

4.3. plan and communicate clear, challenging and achievable expectations for pupils/students

4.4. create an environment where pupils/ students can become active agents in the learning process and develop lifelong learning skills

4.5. respect the vocational learning programme of Renaissance Arts

4.6. inform their professional judgement and practice by engaging with, and reflecting on, pupil/student development, learning theory, pedagogy, curriculum development, ethical practice, educational policy and legislation

4.7. in a context of mutual respect, be open and responsive to constructive feedback regarding their practice and, if necessary, seek appropriate support, advice and guidance

4.8. act in the best interest of pupils/students.

5. Professional Development

Teachers should:

5.1. take personal responsibility for sustaining and improving the quality of their professional practice by:

• actively maintaining their professional knowledge and understanding to ensure it is current

• reflecting on and critically evaluating their professional practice, in light of their professional knowledge base

  • availing of opportunities for career-long professional development.

6. Professional Collegiality and Collaboration

Teachers should:

6.1. work with teaching colleagues and student teachers in the interests of sharing, developing and supporting good practice and maintaining the highest quality of educational experiences for pupils/students

6.2. work in a collaborative manner with pupils/students, parents/guardians, school management, other members of staff, relevant professionals and the wider school community, as appropriate, in seeking to effectively meet the needs of pupils/students

6.3. engage with the planning, implementation and evaluation of curriculum at classroom and school level.

7. Training

Those teachers requiring further training in customer service would be directed to NCFE to take a course in customer service.  If the directors refuse to offer further help in providing further training then an official complaint can be made to Renaissance Arts or there local trade union (such as equity) if they are unhappy with the final decision.  Should a faculty member fail in customer service mentioned in the above they may be asked to take the course to avoid dismissal.

GENERAL All teachers/self employed faculty are required to read our procedures manual and in signing the form agree our code of conduct.

Renaissance Arts are happy to share policies and procedures and relevant paperwork in accordance to the data protection act  to those enquiring about the smooth operation of the college. If you wish to know something in particular about the college then please don’t hesitate to e-mail us.

Customer Service Survey
Renaissance Arts follow the data protection act 1998. Your details will not be shared with others without your permission.

At Renaissance Arts we value customer service.  If you have a complaint about our service and would like us to investigate the matter all complaints must be in writing or an email. The Renaissance Arts complaints policy adheres to customer service guidelines.  We aim to respond to your written letter or e-mails within 10 working days.  On request we are happy to provide a full detailed copy of our complaints procedure.

Address to write to for Complaints
Neil Rigg (Head of customer Services)
Renaissance Arts
Yorkshire Dance Building
3 St Peters Square

E-mail –   FTAO Neil Rigg (Head of Customer Service)

Please note that standard queries have a 5 working day response time. 14 working days response for complaints that require investigation.

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Diversity and inclusion statement.

Individuals with different cultures, perspectives and experiences are at the heart of the way in which Renaissance Arts operates. We want to develop talented students, regardless of their background* enhancing talents with industry professional training.   At Renaissance Arts we are guided by the values and principles that we have set out in our policies and procedures.  We recognise that being a college that works with  self employed faculty that inclusivity and diversity must be a college priority. 

We seek to develop a work environment where we treat Students, Faculty and Associates as individuals.  Renaissance Arts consistently work with spirit and the practice of the Equality Act 2010.  Promoting a culture of respect and dignity, actively challenging discrimination of any kind. We champion our faculty seeking opportunities in the performance industry and in Equality and Diversity training. 

We continue to support our leaders, faculty members and students in facilitating principles of diversity and inclusion in everyday training.  

Diversity and inclusion statement


This policy sets out the approach to Equality and Diversity of Renaissance Arts.  Renaissance Arts is committed to promoting equality and diversity, promoting a culture that actively values difference and recognises that people from different backgrounds and experiences can bring valuable insights to the college and enhance the community presence of the college. 

Renaissance Arts aim to be an inclusive organisation, committed to providing equal opportunities to faculty members and students. Renaissance Arts pro-actively tackle any sort of discrimination. In an industry in which companies are looking for very specific people for certain roles, Renaissance Arts embrace and promotes E & D policies.

Equality and diversity at Renaissance Arts

At Renaissance Arts, we consider that equality means breaking down barriers, eliminating discrimination and ensuring equal opportunities in all services.

We continue to celebrate differences and valuing everyone. In the Renaissance Arts organisation each person is an individual with visible and non-visible difference and by respecting this everyone can feel valued for their contributions.  This is beneficial not only to the individual but for Renaissance Arts too. 

We acknowledge that equality and diversity is not interchangeable but inter-dependant.  There can be no equality of opportunity if difference is not valued and harnessed. 


The obligations set out in this policy apply equally to all faculty, whether fixed contract or part time as a guest teacher to the college.  And also to associated persons such as admin, agency staff, contractors under any contract of service.  

Those associated with Renaissance Arts have a personal responsibility for the application of this policy.  Faculty are expected to read and familiarise themselves with this policy, ensure that this policy is properly observed and fully complied with.  Acknowledgment of this policy is required with a signed declaration.

Renaissance Arts commitment 

Every faculty member and student is entitled to a working environment that promotes dignity, equality and respect.  Renaissance Arts will not tolerate any acts of unlawful or unfair discrimination (including harassment) committed against faculty, student, director, admin or any member within the Renaissance Arts umbrella because of characteristic. 


•Gender Reassignment;

•Marriage or Civil Partnership;

•Pregnancy and maternity;

•Race (including ethnic origin, colour, nationality and national origin);


•Mental Illness;

•Sexual Orientation 

•Religion and or belief; and


Discrimination on basis of work pattern (part time work, fixed contract, flexible working.) which is unjustifiable and not tolerated. 

All faculty, students and members of the organisation are encouraged to develop their skills and fulfil their potential.  E & D short courses are offered at the cost to the college.  

No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated.  If you beleive that you may have suffered discrimination because of any of the pre-mentioned characteristics you should consider the feasibility of attempted resolution by discussion in the first instance with Neil Rigg (Designated E and D manager and Safeguarding officer) or a Director.  

Allegations regarding potential breaches of this policy will be treated in confidence and investigated in accordance with appropriate procedure.  Renaissance Arts will ensure individuals who make such allegations in good faith will not be victimised or treated less favourably by Renaissance Arts as a result.  However, false allegations of a breach of this policy which are found to have been made in bad faith will be dealt with under Renaissance Arts disciplinary procedures. 

Directors and Faculty may also be personally liable for any acts of discrimination prohibited by this policy that they commit, meaning that they can be sued by the victim. 

When does this policy apply?

This policy applies in all college conduct inside college premises or on college outings or visits related to college activity.  Any (Meetings, social events, theatre visits, shows or college event) or which damage Renaissance Arts Reputation. Social Media views of expression are also included in this policy.  Students, faculty and those linked to Renaissance Arts  should consider this policy when posting about Renaissance Arts.   

Below are some specific areas of application


Selection for faculty at Renaissance Arts will be on the basis of professional status, attitude and ability.  Faculty and guest teachers are screened in reference to their educational experience and professional show work.  Ethical and Cultural demographics are observed during this process. 

Promotion and advertising

All promotion decisions will be made on the basis of merit and in accordance without branding guide.  Promotional material will not be influenced by the protected characteristics above.

Renaissance Arts Legal Duties

As a public body, Renaissance Arts is additionally subject to public sector equality duties under the equality Act 2010. The policy is reviewed on an ongoing basis by Renaissance Arts to asses its effectiveness and may be amended from time to time. 

This policy is for guidance only and not part of contracts with Self Employed Faculty. 

This policy has been renewed in September 2017 will reviewed regularly.

Re: Renaissance Arts intention to offer Higher Education Courses in 2023/2024

For students to be eligible for funding from Student Finance England, they must be studying on an eligible course at a provider registered with the Office for Students (OfS).The OfS is the new independent regulator for higher education in England and all higher education providers need to register with the OfS for their students to be eligible for student support in the 2023-24 academic year. The OfS will start publishing providers on its Register from July 2022. We are making an application to register and expect a decision by [July/September] 2022. No provider will be able to confirm whether student support is available until it has a decision from the OfS.

Visit for more information.